What is FreeNAC?

We have taken OpenVMPS, added a MySQL back end, a nice GUI, some advanced PHP control scripts, scalability, redundancy, alerting and some more features.

Is FreeNAC compatible with XYZ switches?

FreeNAC currently only supports VMPS enabled switches (Cisco). We plan on adding support for other manufacturers with 802.1x (3Com, HP,...)

Is FreeNAC free? Under what license is FreeNAC available?

FreeNAC (as its name says) is free software. It is released under the General Public License (GPL2). The Enterprise modules not GPL, but the source code is available to customers.

I want to contribute to FreeNAC. What do I do?

We welcome and value contributions from the community. Have a look at our forum and get in touch with us.

I found a bug in FreeNAC. Who should I contact?

It's not a bug, it's an undocumented feature. But, please send us an email, just so we know you have found it!

Is there a mailing list for FreeNAC?

Yes, we have the low-volume announcement list on sourceforge, mirrored by gmane. If you want to be kept informed on the milestones of the project, that's the one to subscribe to!

We copy the announcements in our announcement forum, for wich you can have an RSS feed.

We also have a development mailing list (sourceforge, gmane, subscribe form), to discuss about the project, the code, the setup, etc...

If you want to start discussion threads about FreeNAC or NAC in general, or need support, visit our forum.