FreeNAC Demonstrator


The user's guide (Windows GUI chapter) provides screen shots of the main user interfaces, providing an easy to read overview, if the demonstrations are not available in your environment.

Live Demo

If you want to get a feel for the product try an on-line demo, where you can see how the system works. Two GUIs are available.

Feel free to modify and delete the data visible in the database - each hour the data is automatically reset to a sample set.

  1. Online web interface
  2. The Windows Interface is the classical method to interact with the system.
  • Download the following two files to a Windows machine, XML configuration file and the Windows GUI , put them into a directory and execute vmps.exe.
  • Once you've done this, open the Windows GUI and click on "Connect" to start playing with this demo.
  • NOTE: This might not work if you are behind a corporate firewall as outgoing connections on port 3306/MySQL need to be allowed.