Take control of your LAN with FreeNAC!

FreeNAC GUI FreeNAC provides Virtual LAN assignment, LAN access control (for all kinds of network devices such as Servers, Workstations, Printers, IP-Phones ..), live network end-device discovery.

Both 802.1x and Cisco's VMPS port security modes are supported. VLAN, switch port management and documentation of Patch cabling is also included.
FreeNAC is GPL OpenSource and thus entirely free (you may pay for support if you wish).

To evaluate FreeNAC, checkout the factsheet, product overview, usage scenarios, the demonstrator and grab the code on github.

For support read the Install Guide, Tech Guide, visit github.

11.Jan.2010: The project has been
in "maintenance mode" for several months now, meaning the core
developers fix issues, but don't have time/resources for new features. Co-maintainers are needed.
If you wish to contribute or have questions, ask or fork on 
github, Freenac is Opensource...